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The Norman Rothstein Theatre at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver (which is operated by the Vancouver West Side Theatre Society) is a performing arts venue created to enhance the cultural life of the Jewish and general community. The theatre is committed to presenting, producing and promoting professional programming that:
a) supports both established and emerging performing artists
b) inspires, entertains and educates its audiences
c) promotes communication and understanding between Jewish and nonJewish communities.
The Norman Rothstein Theatre also serves as a fully equipped rental facility for a culturally diverse population for the presentation of music, dance, theatre, film, lectures and literary events. As one of the few midsized theatres in Vancouver, the Norman Rothstein Theatre is also aware of the role it plays in supporting new Canadian work and in developing new audiences.

2003-2004 Season

Most of the programming that takes place at the theatre is done within the context of our Chutzpah! Festival, a professional performing arts event featuring dance, music, theatre, storytelling, comedy, children…s programming, etc., which runs for 14 days in Late February/early March and features Jewish artists or work with Judaic content.


When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, 34 year old Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev was left stranded in space without a country to come home to. His new country, Kazakhstan, did not have the money, authority or expertise to bring him back. After circling the planet more than 5,000 times he was finally returned to earth and reunited with his family 308 days after blast off.
Transit Lounge explores the terrain of the immigrant experience. Using the cosmonaut's story as its departure point, the piece will question how change affects our sense of cultural identity and home. Under the artistic leadership of dramaturge/director Rachel Ditor, in collaboration with Kendra Fanconi, Anosh Irani, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, Conrad Alexandrowics, Andreas Kahre and Amiel Gladstone, this new sitespecific creation is scheduled to take place in a local airport terminal. Sure to be the hit of the 2004 Chutzpah! Festival. Get on board while you can!

Murderer, family man, sadist, sweetheart: John Demjanjuk, meet your doppelganger(s). In 1987 Demjanjuk was accused of being Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka and brought to trial in Jerusalem for crimes committed during the Holocaust. The international community's investment in finding the truth escalated. In 1988, he was sentenced to hang, But in 1991, he was acquitted. In February 2002 his American citizenship was revoked…for the second time. Wasn't he guilty? And of what, exactly?
The Trials probes the nature of guilt, and the need for retribution. The Brechtian cabaret style brings cutting edge theatre to the Chutzpah Festival. A new generation steps into the arena of the theatre, and beyond. Warning; Live accordion.

JOB: The HipHop Musical
JOB: The HipHop Musical is the crazy inspiration of Montrealer's Jerome Saibil and Eli Batalion and yo! this is one trippy way to retell the biblical story of Job for the baggy pants set. It's hip. It hops. It's a hit. As MC Cain and MC Abel, the pair tagteam rap tracks of tonguetwisting rhyme at breakneck speed to bring you the smash hit of last summer's Fringe Festival circuit.

When the play opened in June of 2002, Saibil and Batalion feared that theatregoers would be turned off by the hiphop fans and that hiphop fans would overlook the play because of its biblical content. Instead, JOB has played to soldout houses and received rave reviews across the country picking up numerous awards along the way. CBC radio gave the musical five stars saying "JOB is a jawdropping, nonstop display of verbal virtuosity". This hiphop musical rocks!

There are two sides to every love story. This exhilarating contemporary musical is about a nice Jewish boy and a smalltown girl in New York City who traverse the curse of a fiveyear relationship. Her story starts at the end: his begins on the day they met. The Last Five Years is full of humour as well as heartbreak and presents the audience with the complexities of intimacy and modern life. This story is extraordinary in the genre of musical theatre, not only in its witty, tangible fresh music and lyrics, but also in its structure; an overlapping of past and future that reveals that modern love is found only in the moment. The songs are real and edgy, ranging from waltzes to rhythm and blues, from conversational patter pieces to Sonheimesque urbanity.

WEILL WOMEN A Portrait of Kurt Weill's Women in Song

Back by popular demand, Weil Women is a humorous and soulful journey through the landscape of Kurt Weill's best songs reenacted by Alisa Kort, Calla Krause and Karen Shumka, as they illustrate the often contentious relationship that inhabit his material. Together they give a polished and dynamic performance in the celebration of Kurt Weill, choreographed and performed with precision, vocal expertise, pathos and humour.

Maximime transports his audience into a world of laughter and pathos using only his body, his face and a few props. In a performance without words, Rainman portrays the touching story of the "outsider" the struggles and triumphs of a lonely man who lives his life on the outside of mainstream society.
Performer Max Fomitchev is a Jew who fled his native Russia in 1992. After performing in countries around the world, he now makes Vancouver his home.

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